Thursday, 1 June 2017

Govt Azizul Haque College Bogra

A college is an educational home in a country. A college makes a man totally educated. There are many colleges in our country. Govt Azizul Haque College Bogra is one of them. It is situated in Bogra under national university. The name of the college is done Sir Azizul Haque who was a famous education ministry of bangle government. It was established in 1939. There are 23 (twenty three) courses of graduate and post graduate level. There are also a Foreign Language Learning Courses. There are about 45 thousand student and 245 teachers in this college. The college has some own buses.Govt Azizul Haque College Bogra is very popular in north bangle. The college organized at Subil Free Primary School in north Bogra.Then it was transferred to Fulbari Bottola. Marhum Moyen Uddin Pramanik and Marhum Rasidullah Sardar of Fulbari donated land to build the college. The old part of the college has classrooms, four laboratories, a highly developed computer lab, a library, office rooms, common rooms for girls, five buildings including a two-storey mosque, a play ground, and a three-storey residential building for male students named Fakhruddin Ahmed Hall. It is use for the student of HSC student. The new residence of the college has a three-storey building for the arts and commerce group, a three-storey building for the science group, a two-storey library, a 2,500-seat auditorium, a two-storey administration building, a student parliament building, a rover scout building, laboratories, a two-storey mosque, a playground, cafeteria, post office, bank, teachers club, tennis ground, a conference room for teachers, three residential buildings for male students and one residential building for female students. Govt Azizul Haque College Bogra spreads education of the general student. Many poor’s and useless student reads here. The teachers and student are also very friendly.
The college organized many cultural programs. All of the students enjoy of this cultural programs very much. Government Azizul Haque College is famous college in our country. Many famous student gone away from here. We feel very proud of this college. We all love Govt Azizul Haque College Bogra.